An innovator who enjoys bringing ideas to life. Someone who embraces change and the raw unfettered message necessary to challenge the status quo. A systems thinker who appreciates finding simplicity in complex software and believes that products can successfully merge digital technologies all while maintaining a high quality of real world interaction. Working together with individuals and ideas, images and creativity can be harnessed in innovative and exciting ways, leading to an abundance of possibilities.

Creator of User-Generated Picture Commerce (Shopping from Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). By using a pull, instead of a push marketing mechanism, User-Generated Picture Commerce creates a win-win environment for both companies and users by enabling prosumers to shop from the endless supply of content coming from the participating community. This means that distracting display ads need not be sold back to us based on our own participation and preferences, and therefore shifting the mentality of monetization towards a more rewarding user experience. My work originates from the notion that prosumers want to buy an emotion, and that images are the basis for any emotion. The front-page of a magazine, a billboard, or the image in your own head of who you want to be – each of these is the foundation for new forms of interaction. I believe that everyone who creates content should be able to earn money from it.